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How to put on an Open Road Girl Headwrap

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For the ladies that have asked how to put on an Open Road Girl headwrap, I have created a quick YouTube video. Please let me know if you would like to see other videos or have any other questions regarding the products. Thank you <3

Open Road Girl 2017 International Female Ride Day

The 2017 International Female Ride Day was an amazing event! There was over 50 ladies that came to ride in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. It was so great to see all of the smiles, pride and empowerment as bike after bike rode by. You are all an inspiration to women everywhere!!A HUGE Thank YOU to everyone [...]

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Open Road Girl Spotlight -​​ Phyllis Lyon

I started riding motorcycles when I was 19. I liked riding my late husband's 1971 Triumph. He hard-tailed it, and I started riding about 17 years ago. When my husband passed away in 2002 at age 42, we had been married for 18 years. He had a Harley Heritage. I didn’t ride the Harley.The Heritage [...]

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There are all kinds of opportunities to ride with groups for great causes and events. The fun and unity are some of the best reasons to own a motorcycle. There are, however, risks involved--riders have varied skill levels, you can cover too much road and there can be chaos in general. It is important to [...]

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Malinda Johnson LIVE Interview with Fox 9 News

For those that have missed the Fox 9 News LIVE interview at the 2017 Donnie Smith Bike & Car Show here is the link to view it the interview. WE Open Road Girls ROCK!!! http://www.fox9.com/news/245487533-story

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Spring Maintenance

We know you ladies are ready to get back out on the road after the forced winter break!Make sure your bike is road-ready. Here are some tips for ensuring that it is:Change/Check Your Fluids:If you didn’t change your engine oil before you put your bike away for the winter, change it now. Look for any leaks. Top off [...]

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Open Road Girl Spotlight of the Month - Lori Brown

When I was about 7 years old, I had my first motorcycle ride. I instantly fell in love. I told my mom "I'm going to buy a motorcycle when I grow up!" She just laughed at me. (It was 1965 and women didn't ride their own motorcycles.)I took a "behind the bars" class in 1975 and got my [...]

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Open Road Girls have given each other bike bells as a symbol of friendship and respect. Sometimes they are purchased as a holiday or birthday gift, and sometimes simply as a warm gesture. There are so many different stories about the motorcycle bell legend. There are guardian bells, gremlin bells, ride bells, etc. Most stories [...]

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Let’s Talk About Boots

Some of you ladies have titanium wrap on your exhaust pipes. Not only does it look aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly it’s smart to control the heat from your pipes so they don’t burn your boot soles or, more importantly, your legs!Getting riding boots that are vented will keep your feet cooler in the hot summer months--especially, if you [...]

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Open Road Girl - ​Bonnie Rae Burns Denning

The last thing I ever expected in my life was that I’d be riding a motorcycle. I remarried after 20 years of a bad relationship, and was finally in my happy world. My husband (Moose) had ridden his entire life and although I did not dislike bikes, I just had no interest whatsoever. [...]

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