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Don’t Be Sad and Blue—Winter Can Inspire Us Too!

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Don’t let PMS (Parking Your Motorcycle Season) get you down. As soon as we put away our bikes and hook them up to the trickle charger for winter storage, Open Road Girls long for spring and riding the open road again. We dream of having the wind in our hair again and exploring new destinations and curved roadways.

Let’s put our dreams to good use ladies! We can be inspired, motivated and happy all year long. Here are some ideas for your winter pleasure:

What About Disassembling Your Ride for a Deep Clean?

Since you and your bike are hunkered down together for the season, why not take the parts off of your bike and clean the areas that can’t be cleaned if you don’t take them off? You can wash and detail your bike several times during riding season, but there is a lot more dirt and debris that you can remove—stuff that has built up for years. You can also take this time to grease/lubricate all of her moving parts. Clean the insides of your chain guard, your fenders, your fairings, your sprocket cover, your swing arm and wheels.

This project will make you feel closer to your “baby” and get to know her better.

Watch Movies or a Series About Riders

Why not emerge yourself in Sons of Anarchy, Wild Hogs, Reckless or Any Which Way You Can? You can make believe and likely get a few good laughs..

Visit a Local Motorcycle Showroom

Head to your favorite motorcycle show room and talk with others who enjoy riding. If you are in Minnesota, you can head to Bison Thunder/Indian dealership in St. Michael and check out the official Open Road Girl bike designs!

Wash and Detail Your Ride

Polish that baby up! Just think about how you will get to show her off in the spring.

Cost Effectively Insulate and Heat Your Garage

To get out and spend time with your bike in the winter, ideally, your garage would be warmer inside. There are ways to heat your garage that aren’t efficient and can also be dangerous. Don’t use propane or kerosene heaters since they give off harmful fumes. Wood stoves aren’t a good option either since they can’t be turned off and represent a fire hazard. This is also true for electric heaters since they draw a ton of electricity and can also be a fire hazard. Instead, you can buy a “sealed combustion” space heater or a mounted electric heater. Both are very efficient without the fire hazard. To keep the heat in, you can also do some things for insulation. You don’t need to necessarily install fiberglass or foam-injected insulation. There are simpler ways to do it. For example, you can add or repair weather stripping around the doors and windows. You can install reflective panels on the inside of your garage door that will also keep it cooler in the summer.

Come to Our Open Road Girl Meet Ups!

Get out and dance, party, exchange gifts and socialize with other Open Road Girls. It is a great way to meet new friends, see old ones, and have fun. Coming up:

December 2, 2017—Midwest Holiday Meet and Greet in West Des Moines, Iowa. See https://goo.gl/PceHcb for more information.

December 9, 2017—Minnesota Holiday Meet and Greet in St. Michael, Minnesota. See https://www.facebook.com/events/727716320772620/for more information.

February 9 and 10, 2018—Open Road Girl/International Motorcycle Show (IMS) Meet and Greet in Shiller Park/Chicago, Illinois. More information will be available in the Open Road Girl Facebook group soon!

Do you have any other suggestions to stay inspired during the winter months? If so, please share your ideas and comments!

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