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Open Road Girl Spotlight - Kim Baker Stockman

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Kim has been riding twelve years. She currently owns a red, 2003 Honda VTX 1800. She started when her girlfriend got divorced and moved in with her and her husband. The three of them wanted to ride together so Kim’s husband bought Kim a bike. As Kim learned and gained experience as a rider, her friend rode on the back with her husband and they would follow her. After a while, her friend got inspired and bought her own bike and began riding too! Kim was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Then, about 3 years ago, her husband received a job offer in South Florida. They were “empty-nesters” so they decided to move. Now she gets to ride all year long! Kim heard about the 1st National Open Road Girl Rally in Springfield, Missouri. She had always wanted to take a long ride by herself, and she was longing to go northwest toward Nebraska to see her new grand baby, Malachi, who was born 8 months ago.

Robin Martinez, a friend she met in the Open Road Girl group, posted that she was renting a house for her time in Springfield, and she was looking for others who might want to share the rental house. When Kim and Robin connected, she also invited her to stay with her on her farm for a few days before the rally--the farm is about 3 hours from Springfield. (Kim is so grateful for the Open Road Girl group and the way it allows us to connect with other riders and make new friends.) Kim decided to go for it!

Kim’s first stop was in Jacksonville, FL to see her son, Ryan. (Ryan is a brave rescue swimmer for the U.S. Navy jumping out of helicopters to save people in the ocean.) On her way to Jacksonville, there was a bad car accident ahead so traffic was stopped for 3 hours on the interstate in the heat. She glanced over and saw three motorcyclists waving her over to sit under an overpass for shade. She didn’t realize how hot she was until she got in the shade. She had put a little shelf on the back so she could have a cooler filled with ice water. Her new friends were as grateful for the ice cold water as she was for the shade.

From Jacksonville, she traveled northwest exploring roads here and there each day—always getting some place to sleep before dark. With no one to signal for a rest stop or gas, she was free to go anywhere at any time. She loved the four-day experience driving through the states of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri.

She was honored to meet and personally interact with Open Road Girl founder, Malinda Johnson, and made many other friends along the way. After ORG rally she headed to Lawrence, Kansas, to visit her daughter, Alyssa. (Alyssa is in her senior year of college and will be starting medical school after she graduates.)

Next, she headed back to Kansas City, Missouri, and got to spend time with her sister, Jyl, and even got to go riding with her nephew. From Kansas City, she road to Arkansas. She heard that Eureka Springs was beautiful. As she drove through the tree-covered gorgeousness, Kim stumbled upon the Pig Trail (named for its super curves like a pig’s tail). She rode it and bought the t-shirt!

For her final destination she went back to her hometown in Omaha, Nebraska. She got to see her son, Blake, and her new grand baby boy, Malachi. She also got to spend time with her parents. It was a special time. After 10 days, when she left Omaha and drove back to South Florida, she avoided Atlanta, Georgia due to all the construction (she learned the hard way on the way out). This was her longest ride ever. She just took her time and had fun along the way. The four days of riding back included a ride through the states of Mississippi and Alabama. She put on a total of 4,015 miles!

By the time Kim got back to South Florida, she decided she would do it again in a heartbeat. She loved the freedom, beauty and felt so empowered. She had overcome her fear of riding alone. The whole trip represented a celebration of a personal milestone AND her 50th Birthday!

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